Tulane University

Creative direction and design for Tulane University. Amanda Rearick, Cailyn Driscoll, Matt Yuskewich, Mark Hillman and myself were part of the creative team that refined the tone of voice of Tulane, who were looking to rally behind something that made sense for the university, but also for the location as they are in New Orleans. They wanted to raise the national reputation, create useful tools for the university communications team to roll out the brand, as well as establish a clear presidential communications strategy. Aligning the brand purpose and message pillars, we solidified the brand tone, thus creating a north star for us to use as our guiding light to develop proofs of concepts.

MAKE WAY | Rationale

We established ourselves as a home for the boldest and brightest from day one. We dove in, head first, to help a city and to develop a world of potential. And with a legacy of taking the lead, we accelerate the vision for a better future. This is home to the tenacious and talented. And every day is an opportunity to live out loud. We come together and form a parade of possibility. Because life is too short to follow or fall behind. On the ready. Sound off! Take charge! Tulane is coming.

Copy writers: Mark Hillman | Cailyn Driscoll

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